“Gioia Luisa means family, traditions and love

born in the shadow of lemon trees,

and every sip you take is a journey to the magic Land of Syrens.

Sorrento lemon grove
lemon grove in the Sorrento peninsula


Gioia Luisa has a very ancient story, that can be traced a long before 1986.
It was 1946, during the post war period, and Felice and Laura Maresca, ‘on Franco’s parents, tried to start a little family business, specialised in the manifacturing of fresh and dried fruits, typical products of the Sorrento Peninsula. Oranges, lemon and nuts were the essential raw materials to propose on the small territory of Naples.

Felice was a strong man of good heart, and Laura was his life’s partner, an energic and hard-working woman. The two shared the same ideal, that they pursued for their entire life.
After his dear parents’ death, ‘On Franco decided to carry on his family’s business, guessing that the real heritage his parents had left him was in fact that: the love for their land and a revolutionary idea.

The story of Gioia Luisa

The idea of Gioia Luisa was official born at the beginning of the ‘80s, when ‘On Franco, Francesco Saverio Maresca, together with his wife and sons, started making “follovielli” in the little basement of their house. The follovielli are a typical snack of Sorrento, made of lemon leaves that contain a heart of raisins and orange peels, everything strictly made by the wise hands of Luisa Gioia, ‘On Franco’s wife, according to an even older recipe.

Gioia Luisa factory - Sorrento

Luisa will be ‘On Franco’s muse, and he will dedicate to her the dream of a life time: a big yellow factory to produce Limoncello, an infusion of alcohol, sugar and lemon peels, that will soon become the symbol of our land and will bring the tastes of the Sorrento Peninsula around the world.

Company - Gioia Luisa

More than thirty years and three generations of Maresca’s later, ‘On Franco and his family keep on bottling up their experience, their love and the perfumes of their land.
The family management is Gioia Luisa’s strongest point, and everyday grandparents, sons and grandchildren work side by side, creating the perfect synergy between past and future.

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